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Karl Who?

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Karl Who?

You know you’ve reached the top when firms other than yours starts selling products with your name on them. For K.L. This happened many times and once he even sold a bag with his face printed and the hole for holding it was just on his eyes in the shape of his usual sunglasses.

Tokidoki Karl

In the specific case, just to name a few, Colette created a bag mocking at Karl’s notoriety, bearing the words: KARL WHO?, and he even bought it;  a teddy bear in Karl’s physical shape and style was produced by German toymaker Steiff in 2008 and Tokidoki created a doll again resembling Lagerfeld.


Also, the German Ulrich Schröder designed comics both inspired by Disney characters and Karl and other famous designers. The illustrations have been published in march by the Spanish edition of Elle magazine. Hope you enjoy the pics!

lagerfeld comics