Isla Moda

Middle East is clearly one of the newest horizons for the fashion industry and Dubai is the centre of it. Karl Lagerfeld knows it.

Karl and Investor

Isla Moda is in fact the name of the isle of wonders designed by Oppenheim Architecture and Lagerfeld himself. It is an artificial atoll, a private centre for the European (and global) fashion elite where you can spend your time far away from the chaos of western cities.



The artificial island will be located 20 Km away from Dubai’s shore for a total of about 111,000 square metres which will host 150 private luxury buildings and three five stars hotels, in addition, obviously, to the most famous designers’ boutiques.



It won’t be completed before 2014, but, to have an idea of the project, the first realistic photo renders are already available.


Here is Karl’s latest statement about Dubai and Isla Moda:

“Dubai is a true gem for the fashion industry and it is about to bloom as the epicentre of our world in the future. The city is full of personality and culture, and all this makes it a perfect place for fashion, aesthetics and design. Isla Moda has an enormous potential as a style icon for the future and I’m going to guide this project exploiting the best of its possibilities.”


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