Chanel boutique reopens at Soho, New York


What makes an object valuable and unique at times is its inaccessibility, or at least the extreme difficulty to obtain it. Especially if the object in question is anaccessory, or more generally a garment created by a luxury brand. Did you gnaw at all those wonders created for the public in New York at the Vogue Fashion Night out for example? Frankly I did. And then there are those limited editions or those celebrating special collections that are not always available in every boutique of a brand.



Karl Lagerfeld, who likes to amaze its customers has always some surprises to store up for them, especially if the occasion is to celebrate some milestone.



Chanel has completely renovated its boutique in Soho, and to publicize the reopening of the megastore has called Crystal Renn and Baptiste Giabiconi as testimonials. Not happy though, the kaiser of fashion has prompted the most of his creativity and thought of commemorative models.



Karl Lagerfeld has in fact created garments – ready to wear, shoes, bags andeven a line of cosmetics ad hoc-produced exclusively for the boutique in New York and therefore unavailable elsewhere. For the accessories, the main theme is python. Almost all the products in the exclusive Soho store in fact have been produced with the special leather available in different metallic colors, brown, red and gray/silver.



There are two models of shoes for women, a peep toe with amazingly high heels and flats designed for those women who want to be classy and comfortable at the same time. As for the bags K.L. has designed three models that alternate the use of python leather to the more classic quilty.


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