Lagerfeld is a designer, a photographer, a filmmaker and many other things, but in his private life one of the things he loves most doing is reading. Being a very curious person and interested in culture and everything that life has to offer, he dedicates a lot of time during the day at reading. He’s so fond of books that he owns a private library called Studio 7L, where he stores only a part of his books collection.


But to share his tastes about books with the public,  some years ago he decided to open a bookshop in Paris, called 7L. Located in 7, rue de Lille, Paris, it is entirely dedicated to photography and other coffee table books. There is a solid range of old editions as well as limited ones, not to mention the selection of fashionable international magazines.

7L Bookshop

Perhaps not happy of opening just a bookshop, he now owns even a publishing house, called Edition 7L.

This is what he said about his bookshop and publishing house:

“Books need to confront a certain number of significant issues. I make up my mind more and more concerning what I really love, what I really want to show and what I consider valuable, interesting and appropriate.

All that, I hope, will result in a limited number of beautiful books. They will represent and determine in the end what 7L is all about.”


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