Karl Who?

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Karl Who?

You know you’ve reached the top when firms other than yours starts selling products with your name on them. For K.L. This happened many times and once he even sold a bag with his face printed and the hole for holding it was just on his eyes in the shape of his usual sunglasses.

Tokidoki Karl

In the specific case, just to name a few, Colette created a bag mocking at Karl’s notoriety, bearing the words: KARL WHO?, and he even bought it;  a teddy bear in Karl’s physical shape and style was produced by German toymaker Steiff in 2008 and Tokidoki created a doll again resembling Lagerfeld.


Also, the German Ulrich Schröder designed comics both inspired by Disney characters and Karl and other famous designers. The illustrations have been published in march by the Spanish edition of Elle magazine. Hope you enjoy the pics!

lagerfeld comics



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Garrett Neff is Bacchus

In March some of the names of the models for the latest edition of the Pirelli Calendar were confirmed, and now we can see the first picture.

Julianne Moore is Hera

Elisa Sednaoui is Flora

Mythology is the theme and title for the 2011 edition signed by Karl Lagerfeld, who this year chose to include even male models.

Iris Strubegger is Athena

Daria Werbowy is Artemis

It consists of 36 shots in black and white, representing 24 different gods, presented today in Moscow, where the official launch has been held.

Baptiste Giabiconi is Apollo

“I’m polytheistic, all religions are recent… I love the goddesses because they were the first women freed”, said Elisa Sednaoui, one of the protagonists of The Cal – “the gods and the Muses are feminists. “

Erin Wasson is Ajax

In the shots, Baptiste Giabiconi is a wonderful Apollo, Daria Werbowy is Artemis, Iris Strubberg is Athena, Elisa Sednaoui is Flora, Garrett Neff is Bacchus, Erin Wasson is Ajax and Julienne Moore Hera.

Isla Moda

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Middle East is clearly one of the newest horizons for the fashion industry and Dubai is the centre of it. Karl Lagerfeld knows it.

Karl and Investor

Isla Moda is in fact the name of the isle of wonders designed by Oppenheim Architecture and Lagerfeld himself. It is an artificial atoll, a private centre for the European (and global) fashion elite where you can spend your time far away from the chaos of western cities.



The artificial island will be located 20 Km away from Dubai’s shore for a total of about 111,000 square metres which will host 150 private luxury buildings and three five stars hotels, in addition, obviously, to the most famous designers’ boutiques.



It won’t be completed before 2014, but, to have an idea of the project, the first realistic photo renders are already available.


Here is Karl’s latest statement about Dubai and Isla Moda:

“Dubai is a true gem for the fashion industry and it is about to bloom as the epicentre of our world in the future. The city is full of personality and culture, and all this makes it a perfect place for fashion, aesthetics and design. Isla Moda has an enormous potential as a style icon for the future and I’m going to guide this project exploiting the best of its possibilities.”

Chanel boutique reopens at Soho, New York

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What makes an object valuable and unique at times is its inaccessibility, or at least the extreme difficulty to obtain it. Especially if the object in question is anaccessory, or more generally a garment created by a luxury brand. Did you gnaw at all those wonders created for the public in New York at the Vogue Fashion Night out for example? Frankly I did. And then there are those limited editions or those celebrating special collections that are not always available in every boutique of a brand.



Karl Lagerfeld, who likes to amaze its customers has always some surprises to store up for them, especially if the occasion is to celebrate some milestone.



Chanel has completely renovated its boutique in Soho, and to publicize the reopening of the megastore has called Crystal Renn and Baptiste Giabiconi as testimonials. Not happy though, the kaiser of fashion has prompted the most of his creativity and thought of commemorative models.



Karl Lagerfeld has in fact created garments – ready to wear, shoes, bags andeven a line of cosmetics ad hoc-produced exclusively for the boutique in New York and therefore unavailable elsewhere. For the accessories, the main theme is python. Almost all the products in the exclusive Soho store in fact have been produced with the special leather available in different metallic colors, brown, red and gray/silver.



There are two models of shoes for women, a peep toe with amazingly high heels and flats designed for those women who want to be classy and comfortable at the same time. As for the bags K.L. has designed three models that alternate the use of python leather to the more classic quilty.


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As I said many times before, fashion is becoming more democratic. And do not forget that Lagerfeld is something of a trailblazer when it comes to the democratization of fashion. His collaboration with H&M was one of the Swedish fast fashion juggernaut’s firsts – and sold out within minutes back in fall of 2004. Though the capsule collection was an undisputed success, Lagerfeld bemoaned the management’s decisions and swore he wouldn’t attempt to jump from haute to High Street anytime soon.

“They did not make the clothes in sufficient quantities. I find it embarrassing that H&M let down so many people… I don’t think that is very kind, especially for people in small towns and countries in Eastern Europe. It is snobbery created by anti-snobbery.”

Ostensibly, Lagerfeld is now going to rectify this elitism by grafting Karl Lagerfeld label to the “masstige” movement — that being an effort to democratize fashion in a way that even frugalistas can afford. His collection will include reasonably-priced women’s wear, some men’s items, denim, and sportswear.

Baptiste: égérie de Chanel

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Today I’d like to introduce you to a very weird fact about the boy in the picture below.

Baptiste Giabiconi

Since its birth at the beginning of the past century the Maison de Chanel has been celebrated worldwide for imposing a new vision of the woman in fashion, thanks to its founder Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel. With such strong fashion statements as the use of poor fabrics like jersey, menswear-like clothes (e.g. the Tailleur ) and a minimalism that only the bravest women dared at the time, she was able to free women from binding and uncomfortable clothes like the corset, and to allow them to wear some others that were previously forbidden to them, like trousers, thus revolutionizing the world of fashion. From that time to nowadays, her style has been loved by every woman and it is still considered trendy and classy.

Baptiste Giabiconi Portrait

Karl Lagerfeld continued Mademoiselle Chanel’s tradition, creating perfectly manufactured women’s clothes.

It is then a bit odd that although Chanel produces only womenswear, a male testimonial has been chosen since a few seasons to represent the label. His name is Baptiste Giabiconi and he is a 20 year-old French model discovered by a talent scout in a gym of Marseille, south of France, and was soon offered to move to Paris and start modeling. There, he quickly made acquaintance with Mr Lagerfeld, and began working for him. In a short time his career took off and he signed many contracts with various labels, though remaining loyal to Karl and Chanel. Since then, he achieved so much success that it’s been ranked number one male model by models.com.

Karl and Baptiste

Still, it’s odd that he is the testimonial of a house that doesn’t do menswear, but it is instead probably the label that among the others celebrates femininity the most. Nevertheless, he’s revelead very successful for Chanel….why? I guess that the answer lies in these pictures.




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Lagerfeld is a designer, a photographer, a filmmaker and many other things, but in his private life one of the things he loves most doing is reading. Being a very curious person and interested in culture and everything that life has to offer, he dedicates a lot of time during the day at reading. He’s so fond of books that he owns a private library called Studio 7L, where he stores only a part of his books collection.


But to share his tastes about books with the public,  some years ago he decided to open a bookshop in Paris, called 7L. Located in 7, rue de Lille, Paris, it is entirely dedicated to photography and other coffee table books. There is a solid range of old editions as well as limited ones, not to mention the selection of fashionable international magazines.

7L Bookshop

Perhaps not happy of opening just a bookshop, he now owns even a publishing house, called Edition 7L.

This is what he said about his bookshop and publishing house:

“Books need to confront a certain number of significant issues. I make up my mind more and more concerning what I really love, what I really want to show and what I consider valuable, interesting and appropriate.

All that, I hope, will result in a limited number of beautiful books. They will represent and determine in the end what 7L is all about.”